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About Lola Saudino

Lola Saudino is a natural-born creative leader and entrepreneur. Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina as a child she had the opportunity to travel and live in Brazil, which gave her the tools to adapt to changes and environments. Her passion for communication and design made her choose Graphic Design as a career. Her adventure and entrepreneurial mind opened the doors when she moved to the United States as the University of Belgrano’s international representative for the Spanish program at the early age of 24. In that role, she utilized her communication skills to create opportunities for students to study abroad.
In Miami, she started her career in Real Estate as a graphic designer and later as Marketing Director for one of the biggest local Real Estate firms, helping Top Producers to create amazing marketing material and brands, her sophisticated design style, transformed the brand and helped in the expansion of the company. Understanding the needs of the developers, sales teams, and consumers, Lola was producing pieces that help them sell.
After that she pursued her true passion and calling, coaching. That was the piece of the puzzle that made her able to create true transformation in people. All starts in the mind. We all start there. Being able to truly work on more empowered belief systems is what creates happiness in people, Realtors, buyers, sellers, moms, entrepreneurs, kids, we all start there. Once we have the right beliefs for us, then we are unstoppable. As an Energy leadership coach and transformational catalyst coach she has been helping agents to develop a conscious brand and business serving their clients.
Currently, as part of her entrepreneurial spirit she has joined exp realty and she is building the most amazing team of agents that want to grow their business into the next generation of success. It takes a leader to find leaders, Lola knows that leadership is in everyone, but it takes vision, focus, accountability and dedication to create that level of excellence. With her 25 years of Real Estate experience, in marketing, sales, and communication, she is devoted to her team to expand beyond what we think is possible. Because as she always says
“ Impossible to me, only means I’M POSSIBLE!” “ Every day I see myself in the mirror looking at the person that I am 5 years from now, and from that place I live today!” Success is there to everyone that believes they can achieve it, never allow anybody to steal your vision. It is your life, defend it with every action you take, and you will be unstoppable!”
Fluent in Portugues, Spanish, and English, she is now building an international team or Real Estate agents that have the vision and are dedicated like her to excellence, enjoyment, passion, teamwork, growth, and contribution.
This is a vision for the ones that know that this moment is the moment. Innovation is the way into the future that we are building today.
"I love servicing my clients by understanding their individual needs, I believe that great service is listening and understanding, then is bringing my expertise and knowledge about the market to find their best home. For me is about bringing to your clients the best version of yourself and the tools to achieve results for them. Growth is our natural evolution and contribution is what fulfills your soul. We are here to contribute and transform the lives of others, through our work we create that every day. We are not here to sell homes, we are here to transform lives. That's what I do every day." - Lola Saudino

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